Zookeeper and Orphaned Baby Possum Become BFFs

It’s been pretty well established that love and understanding can go a long way. Even across species, apparently. This poor possum was orphaned as a baby after the death of his mother courtesy of a cat. Although he had a rough start in life, he quickly found a new family in zookeeper, Jarrad, who works at Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia.

The possum baby was quickly named Gaz, and after spending time with Jarrad, quickly found that he could trust him and rely on him as a caretaker. Jarrad was the one who took care of Gaz and hand raised him when he was brought into the Park by one of the public. Since then, they have become inseparable best friends.


The video that has gone viral shows many different “moments” between Gaz and his rescuer. He trusts Jarrad so completely that he can be seen climbing all over him and even hanging out in his pocket! He will leap from trees into Jarrad’s bare hands, and snacks while hanging out on Jarrad’s shoulder. It is a friendship fit for the ages, and it is more adorable than you could imagine. Everyone around them enjoys the display of their love for each other, and now, so does the internet!

Watch the awesome video below!

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