Devastating Wildfire Destroyed Her Dream Wedding Dress, So These Strangers Come Together to Give Her Not One, But Two More

After a devastating fire, a bride is left without her beloved wedding dress. Strangers come together to offer her the surprise of her life.

Elise Boissonneault searched for a whopping 12 months, walking through every bridal shop in her hometown to score the perfect dress. Soon after, she lost everything to a horrific house fire. The woman’s past, present, and future memories went up in flames, including her brand new, never worn before wedding gown.

Enlisting the help of her wedding photographer, Alex, the bride sent out requests across social media to borrow a replacement gown. She never expected what happened next.


The bride-to-be would soon get the surprise of her life

The bride-to-be would soon get the surprise of her life

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Soon, Elise had an army of designers, wedding photographers, artists, and wedding planners scouring the web for a last minute option. After only hours, the bride received offers to wear over 100 dresses.

Finally, she received a proposal she she couldn’t turn down. LeaAnn Belter Bridal, a dress shop in her home town, offered the bride not one, but two wedding gowns: one for the ceremony and one for the reception. She was brought to tears by their simple act of kindness.

“Elise was so overcome with emotions by everything that has happened and I can safely say that the kindness shown by strangers has touched her more than you will ever know,” Alex said. “Thank you SO much for all of your help! You really don’t know how much it means to her and her family.”


The wedding and intimate ceremony was the perfect ending to a fiery and tumultuous week before.

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Source: Global News Network