Young Mongolian Singer Wows the World With Absolutely Perfect Country Solo No One Saw Coming

Enkh-Erdene Otgonbat was nervous, to say the absolute least. As a contestant on 2016’s Mongolian’s Got Talent, the young man stepped onto the intimidating stage in his very first audition. Mustering the courage to open his mouth, Otgonbat made history.

During Otgonbat’s interview prior to his performance, the young man explained he’s always loved to sing. A passion of his for as long as he can remember, music was what brought him joy in life.


Standing center stage, Otgonbat held on for dear life! In front of millions of people, the college student gave an epic performance. So much so that the TV show’s host asked if Otgonbat was really the one singing!

The slow country tune”Amarillo by Morning,” hummed along while Otgonbat wowed the crowd. He didn’t know it quite yet … but his voice would eventually win the entire competition.

Listen to the heavenly voice for yourself in the clip below!

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