Young Genius Builds Car from Scratch Using Only His Brain and Youtube

In Mumbai, recently there has been a car added to the roads that was not built by a factory or even by a car company. It has been built by the hands of a 19 year old boy genius, by the name of Prem Thakur.

Thakur built the car from scratch, after watching Youtube videos to teach himself everything he needed to know. He used the engine from an old sedan, and built the rest of the car from scratch. It’s a buggy-style type vehicle, but is completely functional. Thakur takes it for rides through Navi Mumbai.


It is important to note that Thakur had absolutely no background in engineering. He is a commerce student, but decided to take on this project just for fun. He’s very proud of his accomplishment, and does not mind at all when people take pictures of his car.

Prem comes from a very poor family, with his father only making close to $7-9 a day from driving a rickshaw. But his family has always been supportive of his education – and saved enough money to buy him a computer when he was 12. Since then, he has used the internet to teach himself all kinds of things, including how to build his own buggy car!

The final cost of the car was around $3800, and his family did everything they could to help him get the money for everything he needed. Except for the supplies, he spent no money on any lessons or engineering books, and simply did it from DIY Youtube videos. And this car is no simple box on four wheels with an engine. It has awesome blinkers, and even a USB port sound system!

The absolute magnitude of this job is important to understand. Because his family assisted him in pursuing his dreams, he has now figure out that he actually does want to pursue engineering, and plans on becoming an automobile engineer. He even wants to test his car on a racetrack someday!

What a cool story! Thank you, Youtube, for literally having videos on everything in the world.

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Photos: Youtube, VideoVolunteers