Young Boy Wants to Run Away from Home-Once Cop Sees His Bedroom, He Understands Why

After a 13-year-old called police, a “guardian officer” was dispatched to the call.

13-year-old Cameron Simmons had recently had a fight with his mother and was quite upset. Saying he “wanted to run away,” his call reached Sumter Police department’s Officer Gaetano Acerra. Immediately, the officer drove to the boy’s home, not sure what to expect.

Cameron's family had fallen on hard times after a sudden move across the country

Cameron’s family had fallen on hard times after a sudden move across the country

The man and the officer began talking about what had sparked the fight between the family. Apparently, the mother had yelled at the boy for playing his older brother’s video games. Officer Acerra continued to watch and listen.


Cameron’s mother became the caretaker for a sick relative and sadly couldn’t afford a bed for her own children

After things had calmed down, the policeman took a tour of the family’s home. When Officer Acerra was shown Cameron’s room, he was stunned at what he saw. The teen’s bedroom was empty. No furniture, no bed, and only a garbage bag full of some worn down clothes.

Upon further investigation, the officer found out the family had moved quite suddenly after the mother’s presence was needed at a relative’s bed side. Going from Texas to South Carolina unexpectedly hadn’t allowed the family time to pack their belongings.

Once Officer Acerra left the family’s home, he couldn’t shake the visual of Cameron’s empty room. The man decided to go beyond the call of duty and do something special for the teenage boy. After a few weeks, the surprise was finally ready.


Cameron, his brother, and the boys’ mom were shocked by the officer’s good deed. He had managed to donate a brand new TV, a Wii gaming system, a bed, a desk, and a dresser for the boy’s bedroom.

If that wasn’t enough, Officer Acerra bought something the brothers could bond over: an ice hockey table. The family was moved to tears.

Watch their emotional response in the video below.

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