Young Boy Can’t Afford Library Books and Reads Coupons-Heroic Postal Worker Fills His Shelves at Home

After seeing a young boy’s thirst for knowledge, a neighborhood mailman is inclined to provide him with the tools to learn.


Matthew’s family struggled with money. The 12-year-old’s parents were unable to come up with simple necessities, much less food for the table. Without a family vehicle or money for a bus ticket, the boy had no way to get to the library he so desperately wanted to visit.


As a solution, he made a seemingly odd request to his neighborhood postal worker. Matthew asked Utah postman, Ron Lynch, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble to drop off the extra “junk mail” at his house. The boy explained he didn’t have any books at home and that he desperately wanted any and all material he could get his hands on. The mailman did him one better.


“I started reading at a very early age,” Lynch said. “At 12 years old, he didn’t want electronics, he didn’t want to sit in front of the TV playing games all day, the kid just wanted to read.”

Inspired by the boy’s thirst for knowledge, the postal worker enlisted the help of his community. Reaching out through Facebook, Ron asked for donations of used books to mail to the 12-year-old. The response he received was unbelievable. Over 300 paperbacks were sent to the kid’s address from all over the world.

Matthew was shocked at the kindness of others and couldn’t have been more pleased by his new library of books.

Matthew says, “I’m just super happy.”

Watch the postal worker create the 300 book home library for Matthew in the clip below.

Source: ABC News