You Won’t Believe Why This Elephant Waits 3 Weeks in this Exact Spot

Tarra, an Asian elephant, lives on the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary, where she roams the lands freely. While there are other elephants at the sanctuary, Tarra has struck a special relationship with a most unlikely of friends.

Although they are different species, Tarra and a labrador named Bella share a special connection that is simply unexplainable. The two spend their days playing together, cuddling, and horsing around.

When Bella was in pain after injuring her back, Tarra was always by her side, nursing her best friend to health through the recovery process. After three long weeks, Bella’s health improved, and the two could go outside and play together again!

Unfortunately, Bella’s health didn’t last very long. She passed away shortly after, and Tarra was terribly devastated. She mourned the death of her best friend. It’s truly touching to see in the video below.

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(Source: OWN)