You Won’t Believe How These Crazy Street Lamps Work!

Sometimes, engineers have a stroke of genius that impresses everyone, and can even sometimes have an effect that brings “glory” and money into their city! And then there are times that engineers become artists, or artists become engineers, creating things that are so impressive that it’s almost unbelievable.


These wonderful street lamps are a perfect example. Taking inspiration from nature, they were designed to not only light up when people walk underneath them (similar to motion sensor lights), but also to bloom! You can find these wonderful works of art in Jerusalem. The lamps are nine meters tall, and are part of a project called “Warde.” In the Jerusalem square known as “Valero Square,” there are many different waste composers and electrical substations, creating a cluttered and not very aesthetic look. That’s why the government asked (and tasked) HQ Architects with creating not only more light for the darkest part of the city, but also asked for a way to add creativity and beauty to the area.


The flowers open up (bloom) whenever a person or tram or car go by during the night time, while during the day the flower “petals” can be used as somewhat of a canopy or umbrella to escape the heat. The area of town that was conquered with these flowers is an area that is considered extremely stuck in reality, with the urban hustle-and-bustle that is seen in these important, business-filled areas. The government and HQ decided that not only was light important for the darkness, but a sense of idealism or fantasy was needed to help combat the stark reality.

These flower-lights are just too cool! I would love to see more of them around my own town and around the world!


Photos: Facebook