WWII Veteran Walks Alone in Parade As Last Man Standing In His Unit- Then The Crowd Goes Wild

This heartbreaking photo of the “last man standing” went viral after parade watchers stepped in.


The WWII veteran held a colorful balloon and bouquet of flowers as he marched in the Victory Parade in St. Petersburg, Russia. Sadly, he was walking alone as the ‘last man standing’ in his unit. Tears streamed down the poor man’s face in memory of lost friends and former soldiers.


Eventually, the sight became too much for the parade watchers. The crowd, touched by his emotion, paid their respects by offering thank you’s for his service. Warm wishes, heartfelt notes, flowers, and smiles all served as small reminders the WWII vet wasn’t alone.


The photo went viral, and you can see why! Almost instantly after receiving the heartfelt gifts, his face completely changed. He began smiling and waving at the supportive audience lining the streets. The elderly man’s sadness transformed into joy from the simple and small acts of kindness.

Source: The Telegraph