Boyfriend and Girlfriend Photographed During Intimate Moment-46 Years Later the Photo Resurfaces

Bobbi and Nick Ercoline (then, boyfriend and girlfriend) attended the famous Woodstock Music Festival in August of 1969. Photographed sharing a hug, they became an iconic symbol for one of the greatest concerts of the ‘hippie years.’

The couple was introduced six months earlier at a local diner. Bobbi, at the time actually had a boyfriend. The day they met ignited a spark neither could deny. Soon after they pair became inseparable.

Nick and Bobbi share a hug at one of the most famous concerts in history

Needing a break from the violence and riots during the times of conflict with Vietnam, the two decided to attend the Woodstock Music Festival in Bethel, New York later that summer.

While sharing an intimate moment, Nick and Bobbi were caught on camera. They had no idea an image would have such an impact.

The couple is shown loving holding each other while wrapped in a blanket. Their embrace clearly emoted care and compassion reinforcing the theme of peace and kindness during the 1970’s.

Eventually, that photo became the iconic symbol of the Woodstock show of 1969 after it was placed on the front of the concert’s official album cover.


Shockingly, the couple is still together 46 years later. They swear they are still the young couple that fell so deeply in love during that summer of 1969.

“It’s us. That’s who we are. Still,” Nick says. “You can still find us holding hands and hugging each other.”

Nick and Bobbi’s relationship, just like the iconic album cover hasn’t changed. They have stood the test of time and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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Source: National Post