Woman with Alzheimer’s Loses Speech, 87-Year Old Husband Builds Cathedral to Commemorate Their Love

After developing Alzheimer’s, an elderly lady loses the ability to communicate. Thankfully, her husband finds ways to inspire her.

Jerry and Joyce LeSeige were a couple destined to live a real-life fairy tale. However, the speed bumps along the way would force them to get creative. Joyce was diagnosed with breast cancer. Shortly after, the doctors added Alzheimer’s to the list. Her condition continued to deteriorate. Eventually, she lost the ability to speak or communicate.

Even though her illness was frustrating at times, Jerry honored to the vows he made so many years ago, to stand by her “in sickness and in health.” He realized it wasn’t their love that had faded, a concept he wanted his wife to understand.

Jerry had worked overseas as an air traffic controller as a young man. The young couple was lucky enough to travel Europe together. Joyce’s favorite part? Visiting the detailed and glorious cathedrals dotted across the continent. The architecture had always enchanted her.

Jerry with his finished cathedral he built as a reminder of love

Jerry with his finished cathedral he built as a reminder of love

Jerry decided to build her one, knowing it would strengthen the bond between them.

“My wife and I will never get to travel again, so I wanted to bring this cathedral to her so she could see it and remember our time together,” Jerry adds.

He began the process by carving the plans into cardboard in his garage. For nearly two hours a day, his wife sitting by his side, Jerry would work on his masterpiece. The loving interaction between the two even eased some of the strain caused by her illness.

“…when she stares at me blankly, it can be the hardest thing in the world…” her husband says.

“But she watches me work on it every night and she touches the wood…it makes me believe she knows what I’ve created for her.”

Just under 10 months later, the project was complete. Standing tall in the couple’s garage was a gorgeous wooden representation of Joyce’s favorite memories they had once shared. Even though Joyce can’t voice her opinion, Jerry knows she is moved by his dedication.

“I think if she could talk my wife would say, ‘darling that’s beautiful I’m so happy you made something like that as a permanent memory of an amazing time we had together,” he said.

You have to watch the video below to appreciate the undying love between a man and his wife.

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Source: Inside Edition