Woman Stops in Her Tracks After Hearing Homeless Man Play Piano-She Decides Performance is Worth $8,000

One homeless man’s talent becomes so popular it take him off the streets.

Donald Gould had always been a musician at heart. And boy did he have the talent. The man’s favorite instrument to play was the melodic piano. Living in Sarasota, Florida, the man played any chance he could. That included the “patio pianos” on the streets in his community.


Aroar Natasha happened to walk by as Gould played the tune “Come Sail Away” by the well-known band, Styxx. Aroar was beyond shocked at the man’s skill. In short, she thought he was phenomenal.

She recorded the performance, knowing the man deserved recognition for such a performance. The video went viral with over 3 million views. The online community couldn’t get enough of Donald. That was just the beginning of the homeless man’s journey off the streets.

Shocking to many, the pianist actually had a laundry list of accomplishments throughout his life. During his time as a U.S. Marine, Donald played quite the clarinet for his fellow troops. With his love for music and pure raw talent, the man originally planned to build a career as an elementary music teacher. However, things didn’t pan out the way he planned. After a few wrong turns, Donald wound up living on the streets.


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Aroar, the woman who originally sparked the man’s internet fame, was determined to change his current living situation. She started a GoFundMe account in the man’s honor. Shockingly, the Florida community contributed $8,700 in just 24 hours. The musician was shocked in disbelief and overcome with gratitude.

“It’s overwhelming to me,” Donald said. “I can’t believe it. I’m still fighting off tears. It’s unbelievable. I never thought it would come to this.”

Experience the pianist’s performance for yourself in the recording below.

Source: ABC News