Woman Reunites with Complete Stranger from Target Who Comforted Her After Mom Died

Black Friday would never be the same for Angel Mott. While shopping at Target the day after Thanksgiving, she received a devastating call.

“Angel, honey,” the nurse began, “your mom passed away.”

Hearing those words, Angel fell to her knees. Unable to control her sadness and shock, she began sobbing and weeping, right on the floor in the middle of the aisle.

“I just kind of blacked out,” Mott said, “… I sat down on the shelves probably for about 5 minutes and just bawled.”


Even though it was quite clear Mott wasn’t alright, crowds of people continued to walk by, and even step over the devastated woman. Finally, a complete stranger did the unthinkable and sat down next to her. Offering a shoulder for Mott to cry on, the mystery woman gave a hug and some comfort.

Once Mott was in a little better shape, the stranger walked with her to the front of the store. Asking hordes of people in line to offer a little “Christmas spirit,” the woman parted the waters for Mott to pay for her things.

Entangled in the emotion of the moment, Mott didn’t remember to get the name of the mystery shopper who’d been so kind. The only details left were the stranger’s purple hair and 80’s rock band t-shirt. Taking her story to Facebook, Mott reached out to find the generous soul that’d picked her up off the Target floor. Surprisingly enough, it worked.


She got in touch with Stephanie Uhlenberg, still sporting her purple haircut. The Minnesota Vikings fan attended the wake held in Mott’s honor.

“She had these tears coming down her face,” Uhlenberg recalled of that fateful Black Friday, “I sat next to her and held her. I didn’t know what else to do.”

The women shared one final hug while Mott extended her appreciation for the kind deed. In a moment of utter pain and heartache, she was grateful she wasn’t alone.

“That hug meant the world to me,” Mott said. “It made me feel like people actually still care.”

Check out the pair’s tear filled reunion in the emotional clip below!

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Source: ABC News