Woman Puts Down Baby, Beats Down Armed Robber

What do you do when an armed robber points a gun at you while holding a baby? You initiate a beatdown, of course.

Shocking security cam footage of the encounter shows Nathalie Leclerc-Pelan holding an infant inside her store when a masked man walks in and attempts to rob the place.

Moments later, she hands the baby back to its parents and appears to exchange words with the robber before taking matters into her own hands. Like a bosss…

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Although the thief was pointing a gun in Leclerc-Pelen’s face she was able to beat him over the head with his own bag. “I thought it was a joke,” Leclerc-Pelan told Ouest France. “He told me to fill the bag and I told him simply that I wouldn’t do it.”

Soon after the altercation turned physical, a customer came to Leclerc-Pelen’s aide and smacked the intruder over the head with a stool.

Leclerc-Pelen chased the robber out of the store and called the police. And surprisingly he came back to apologize after he was arrested.

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