Woman Paid for an Elderly Couple’s Meal — the Note She Gets Even More Touching

There’s a saying that we should all be kind to everyone we meet, because everyone is fighting their own battle. For Kristen Kinzle, this rings especially true.

She was out to eat at one of her favorite diners called “Mimi’s Cafe” in Los Angeles when she looked across the restaurant and saw an elderly couple enjoying their time together. The sweet couple looked as if they were still madly in love, and she enjoyed watching the two interact. That’s when she also noticed that there was another group in the cafe that were being very loud, and she hoped that the couple’s date wasn’t spoiled by the loud party of customers at the other table.

That’s when Kristen decided to do something nice for the couple, and picked up their tab! She really enjoyed watching the sweet couple interact, and it brought her joy simply to watch them, so she wanted to spread the joy that she felt. After she told the waitress what she wanted to do, a few moments later the waitress returned to her table, and gave her a note!

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-2-14-07-pm-1024x558 screenshot-2016-12-09-at-10-39-16-am

The note explained that the couple was there for the man’s brother’s funeral, and that it was a very tough day on the old man, and his wife was doing her best to be comforting. And on top of that, the waitress was dealing with the reverberating sadness of losing someone in her family a year ago! The waitress was touched by Kristen’s gesture, and she wanted to make sure that Kristen truly understood how good of a kind act she was doing.

When the note was published on Facebook, it quickly went viral! The story of Kristen’s kindness and the end result is now making people all over the world happy!

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