Woman Gets Surprise of Her Life After Parents’ Missing Wedding Ring Returns 55 Years Later

In a holiday miracle, a woman’s long lost family heirloom is returned by complete stranger.

“One Sunday morning, someone called and said, ‘Joyce, I have your mom’s ring and I want you to have it,’” Joyce Wharton said.


Joyce’s mother and father had tragically died in a plane crash in 1959, only weeks before celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary. Her mother’s engagement ring, a cherished family heirloom, was lost as well…or so she thought.


As a logger, Nick Buchanan stumbled upon the ring in 1997 and made it his mission to eventually locate the owner. Little did he know the search would continue for over 20 years. The ring was eventually traced to Joyce’s parents through buying records. A few years later, the online geneology tracker, Ancestry.com, helped Nick locate the couple’s daughter.


“I’ve always thought it would be really something to find living members of the family, especially a daughter because I would love to turn that over to a daughter,” Nick said.

After a joyful conversation on the phone, Nick jotted down Joyce’s address to mail the ring to it’s rightful owner. The now, elderly woman was overcome with emotion when she saw the 5 diamond studded ring for the first time in nearly 50 years later.

“When I saw the ring and put it on my finger it was like touching out to my mom again. It was absolutely wonderful,” Joyce said.

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Source: ABC News