Woman Gets Pizza Box with $5,000 Instead of Her Order, When She Calls Back, No One Answers

All Selena Alalos had wanted was a hot and tasty lunch.. What she got instead was something entirely different. Sadly enough, the pesky delivery driver messed up  her order again, bringing her $5,000 instead of that double pepperoni with extra cheese. Her day was absolutely ruined.

The California resident was absolutely shocked at the piles of $1’s, $5’s, and $20’s that stared up at her from the seemingly normal pizza box.


Being the good person that she is, Selena picked up the phone to call the store back and inform them of the mix up. She figured she’d leave a voicemail and the manager could return the message once the dinner rush was over … but he never did.

“Wouldn’t they be thinking, “oh, where did that money go?’,” Avalos wondered. “Right away, or maybe the next day. But three days later, still nothing… that’s crazy.”

That fact simply made Selena try even harder. Reaching out to her local news station, she was able to contact the California stores’ corporate office. Upon hearing of the woman’s honesty in returning the money, Dominos offered a hearty thank you.


For an entire year Selena could order anything she wanted, from pizza, to wings, to breadsticks, to dessert, putting it all on the company tab.

As an added cherry on top, the young girl’s boss even extended her paid vacation hours by a week. He’d gotten word of his employee’s good deed and was as impressed as everyone else.

Needless to say, Selena will be enjoying some delicious dinners for the next twelve months.

Check out the crazy story in the footage below!

Source: Fox News