Mother Abandons Baby in Phone Booth-22 Years Later, Baby Reunites with Her Savior

A good samaritan oddly stumbles upon a heroic opportunity.

Kiran Sheikh was a healthy baby girl born April 30, 1994. Only hours old, she was abandoned by her mother in the middle of the night. The young woman called a local charity who arranged to pick up her newborn outside a storefront.

Not wanting to wait for fear of punishment, the mother swaddled Kiran in blankets and left her in a phone booth on the street. Luckily, her rescuer was already on the way.

Joe Campbell, a young man of 30, needed make a long distance call to his family late that night. Seeing the phone booth, he rushed over and stumbled upon the tot. He immediately called authorities and comforted the newborn till Social Services came. The charity never showed.

Joe Campbell reunites with the baby he once rescued

After bonding with the baby, Joe reached out with cards, gifts, and money. For 7 years, he never received a response.

On her 8th birthday, Kiran is told she is adopted and was shocked by the news. She learns her mother had given birth to her around midnight on a bathroom floor. Her adoptive parents also explained the story of the brave man who rescued her.

Years later, at 22, Kiran begins the search for her ‘adopted father.’ Using the social media platforms at her disposal, the girl explained her story with posts Facebook and Twitter.

Soon after, the local press caught wind of the story and published the article that changed everything.

After seeing the post, Joe Campbell, now 52, made arrangements to see Kiran who happened to live only a mile away.

Watch the emotional video below and see their reaction.

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Source: Inside Edition