Woman is Brought to Tears After Receiving 50-Year-Old Message in a Bottle From Father

After 50 years, a daughter finally receives a message in a bottle from her father.

During a relaxing family vacation on the islands of Turks and Caicos, Clint Huffington makes a shocking discovery. The writing teacher from Utah was intrigued by what appeared to be a vintage coke bottle washed up on shore. Upon closer examination, he could tell it contained something sealed inside.

50 years later, one man's message in a bottle is found 1,500 miles away

50 years later, one man’s message in a bottle is found 1,500 miles away

After uncorking the glass container, Clint was shocked to fid an actual message in a bottle. Sadly, he couldn’t read the scribbled print smeared across the crinkled paper. The best he could do was make out the words “return” and “Beachcomber.”


Clint felt it was his duty to decipher the cryptic and mysterious message and began searching for leads. After a bit of research, he discovered there was a Beachcomber Motel in Hampton, New Hampshire. Clint made the trek across the U.S. and finally arrived at the establishment.

Paula Pierce was the woman to graciously greet him. Miraculously, the man had successfully tracked down the daughter of the man who wrote the message. The woman couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The 1960’s coke bottle had been lost at sea for than 50 years. Somehow, it managed to survive the tough waters of the Atlantic Ocean, traveling 1,500 miles.


“…it just hit me, it was my father’s writing,” Paula said. “…I was shocked.”

Paula’s parents had both been gone for quite some time but the memory of her dad still pulled at her heartstrings. The message was a welcomed reminder of the love her family shared for one another. Paula would cherish that experience forever.

“This is special because it brings back a piece of him, a piece of her, a piece of my childhood, a piece of the Beachcomber,” she said. “All of these things are very hard to lose.”

Watch the video below to see the 50-year-old message a father left for his daughter.

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