Wife Plays the Hero as She Saves Her Husband from a Bear

Bear attacks are a very real occurrence in some parts of the United States. You have to be careful when you are traveling and camping, because a bear, whether cub or fully grown, can kill a man easily.

Gerre Ninneman saw that his dog was being chased by a bear one morning when they were traveling, and decided he would try and stop the bear from hurting the dog. He went outside to call his dog (Maddy, an eight year old yellow lab) into the cabin. He ran shouting and waving at the bear, trying to scare the bear away, but instead it simply shifted its attention to him. It did allow Maddy to get inside, but it resulted in Gerre getting mauled all along his back.  He suffered severe claw marks and bites from his waist to the back of his head.


The bear was only 1 year old, not fully grown. Gerre did escape for a moment and ran to a different corner of the cabin, but the bear simply followed him and began to maul him again. That’s when his wife came to help. Marie, Gerre’s wife, had no idea how to properly load the family’s shotgun in order to save her husband, so she simply used it as a club instead. She ran outside and hit the bear over the head with the shotgun, which did allow the couple to escape to the inside of the cabin.


They thought their worries would be over when they got inside the protection of the cabin, but they were wrong. The bear still stalked the family from the outside, prowling from window to window going around the cabin. They finally had to call for help, which led to a deputy shooting the bear to rescue the family. Gerre needed multiple staples to treat some of his wounds, but he did recover, as did Maddy.

There is no real explanation for what happened or why the bear wouldn’t let the family go, but Gerre was definitely blessed with a wife who instead of hiding from the bear, decided to take it on in order to save her husband. Way to go, Marie!

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Photos: Fox11, Marie Ninneman