Wife Loses It After Husband Surprises Her With Brand New Puppy The Day After Family Dog Died

The  loss of a beloved pet is never easy to cope with, especially during Christmas. Alan’s wife was dealt that same unlucky hand the past holiday season after her decade old dog passed away.

Knowing the devastation it would cause her, the loving husband decided to bring some tidings of good cheer back to their home. Carrying an adorable and excited golden retriever puppy, Alan walked through the door and waited for his wife’s heartfelt reaction.

As soon as the grieving woman walked down the hallway to their Christmas themed living room, she fell to the floor. With tears of joy streaming down her face, she reached out for the precious dog.

Alan explained in the car ride home, he decided on the name ‘Marlin.’ That heartfelt comment switched the water works back on as the couple celebrated an epic Christmas.

It looks like the pet mother will have a new baby to care for.

Source: Little Things