Wife builds adorable ‘Woman Cave’ All Women Will Love

Sometimes, even a married woman needs some alone time. Just because you signed up to spend the rest of your life sharing with a man, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to spend some time alone! Men have their “man caves” so why shouldn’t women have their own “woman caves?”

Sandra solved that problem for herself when she created her own “she shed” from an abandoned hunting lodge that was on the property that she and her husband Todd Foster bought. The idea of the she shed has really been becoming more popular around the world, as people realize that it’s okay to still have your own space and your own hobbies that don’t include your spouse after you get married.


Sandra and Todd Foster are loving spouses, but do not share the same idea of what is worth collecting or the way to decorate their house. Their home is a mobile home from 1971 decorated in the retro style befitting the almost antique house. Todd loves to collect tractor tools and can be quite messy. Sandra, on the other hand, is extremely interested in interior decorating, with a trend towards Victorian in style. So when the couple bought their land and discovered the abandoned hunting cabin, she knew that it could be a possible solution for her need to get away, and a chance to give herself exactly what she wanted in terms of decorating.


She took the 120 square foot cabin and with her own two hands, remodeled and designed the interior, for less than $3000. Now it is her hideout from the world, and is a nice change from the mobile home she shares with her husband. Their house is lovingly called the “Groove Tube” because of its retro style and decor.


The results are absolutely stunning! Maybe in the future, it won’t just be “man caves” that are considered important, but also the “she shed” or “woman cave!”

Photos: My Shabby Streamside Studio