Widow Loses Her Wedding Ring, Unexpected Biker Gang Help Her Find It

Rhonda Till lost her husband, Randy, tragically a few months ago in July, in a motorcycle accident. They had been married for 18 years, and losing him has been extremely difficult.

In the days that followed her husband’s death, Rhonda began to think about his wedding ring. It had been lost in the crash, and she wanted it back as a memento of her late husband. It was a simple gold band, and she had a fierce belief that it was still at the crash site.

Rhonda was talking to a friend about the ring, and about how she just wanted to find it, and the fact that she would probably be going back to the site of the crash to find it. Her friend was an avid biker. And her friend then told some of her friends, and the story quickly spread.

Eventually, when Rhonda finally was ready to go search for the ring, she was shocked to see that she was joined by a huge group of volunteers to help the search. They were all part of the biker community, and had gotten the word from her friend and multiple other people, and decided to come and help.

With the help of all the bikers and friends, the search was made much easier, and the ring was eventually found, only 45 minutes after they began searching. Rhonda was absolutely floored by the support she received, and the fact that they found the ring so quickly. Those bikers had searched through the grass on hands and knees until they found it.

Rhonda was so happy about finding the ring, and reported that it was probably the first time since her husband’s death that she had truly smiled. For a community that consistently gets a bad rep and is known for their toughness, their compassion and love shown for this one woman goes to show that not everything is always what it seems.

Watch the sweet video below!

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H/T: USA Today