When The Bill Arrived, She Became A Dine and Dash Victim from Online Date

You can’t always trust the internet. This poor woman learned that lesson in the worst way possible after her date night came to a screeching halt. Diane Guilmette’s heart skipped a beat after reading an online message from one very handsome man.

After some back-and-forth banter and flirty conversation, the pair made a plan to meet at Morton’s Steakhouse in downtown Los Angeles.

“A little pricey for me but I agreed,” Diane said.


Right from the start, something was a little off. Diane’s date ordered plate after plate of tasty starters, handcrafted desserts, and expensive wines. After the man excused himself ‘to make a phone call,’ things took a turn for the worse.

Waiting for over fifteen minutes, Diane knew he wasn’t going to return. The poor woman was stuck picking up the $163 tab! She attempted to contact the dine-and-dasher to through the Plenty of Fish dating app. Unfortunately, it didn’t actually work.


“When I went to message him on the app, he had blocked me. And I thought, ‘Oh my gosh! Is this really happening right now?’ ” she said.

With no way to reach the mystery man, Diane took to the likes of social media. Posting her shocking story to Facebook and Twitter, she was contacted by another woman with a strangely similar tale.

Just like Diane’s experience, the two met online and made plans to meet for dinner. The anonymous woman explained she thought they’d hit it off during their short time together!


The man ordered the same outrageous amount of food for himself before taking a ‘trip to the bathroom.’ You guessed it- the diner dashed again, leaving his date to pick up the check.  Thankfully, justice was served! The young man was arrested at a hair salon, trying to pull the wool over a stylists’ eyes.

Source: ABC News