When 6-Year-Old Finished Last Day of Chemo, These Firefighters Took Her For a Ride

Marking the end of a brutal battle, one 6-year-old girl was given the ride of her life.

Finley Brown stole the hearts of many after winning her fight against kidney cancer. The 6-year-old’s bravery caused quite the stir at the Moraga-Orinda Fire District. Needless to say, they helped her make a perfect exit from the painful past years.


The little girl first met the firefighters the summer before, with her babysitter and younger brother, Cooper, in tow. After noticing the crowd of men in uniform, Finley walked right up to start a friendly conversation.

“Finley caught our eye initially because she didn’t have any hair, and then because she started talking to us — this little girl had a ton of confidence,” firefighter Lucas Lambert said. “And then she went on to tell us her story…telling us what she had been through in the past month or so.”


The firefighters were nothing but inspired after hearing the young girl’s cheery outlook on life. The men eventually organized a fundraiser in her honor that turned out to be an absolute hit. All in all, it raised enough money to take the 6-year-old and her family on a trip to Disneyland. But that wouldn’t be the only thing the department would do for Finley.

Later that year, the entire Moraga-Orinda Fire department arrived at Oakland’s UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. They showed up in their big red truck to take the six-year-old home on the last day of her chemotherapy treatment. The look on Finley’s face said it all.

“I’ve never seen someone with such a big smile…” Lambert stated. “She reminds us what is really important and that is helping people.”

 Watch Finley and brother Cooper get the ride of a lifetime in the short clip  below!

Source: ABC News