Adorable Maternity Shoot Shows Off Proud New Mom & Six Weiner Dog Puppies

We’re pretty sure everyone agrees with us when we say we hope this trend is here to stay. It all started when Monica Sanchez wanted to take a few memorable photos of her pup’s, Mia’s, new family. She contacted Belinda Schenk, a very well-known photographer who was perfect for the job.


“In my mind, since I specialize in maternity and newborns, I’m thinking, ‘OK, another regular maternity session,'” Schenk said. “But at the end she said, ‘It’s actually for my dogs,’ and I wanted to laugh, because I was shocked!”


The result? A beautiful collection of photos that perfectly capture Mia and her six brand new babies. Did we mention they’re all adorable little Dachshunds (you might know them by the nickname ‘Weiner Dogs’)?


“A friend of mine crotchets and I told her, ‘You’ve got to help me make bonnets for them!” Sanchez explained. “We were told their heads were as tiny as gum balls. We just winged it, but it all worked out.”

We completely agree. One adorable little cap for each and every adorable little fur ball. What a nice touch.


Apparently mother Mia set quite an example during the entire photoshoot.

“Mia was very, very well trained,” Schenk said.

As for the pups? When they weren’t in an adorable deep sleep, they brand new babies sat right next to their mother.


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That white fluffy blanket couldn’t have been more perfect as the photoshoot backdrop! We’re thinking the pups enjoyed how fuzzy it was also.

Just in case you needed another reason to take a trip to the pet store, here’s a closeup of that soft black coat and wet little nose.


The brood is actually growing up quite fast. They’re already weeks old in this photo! Of course, they’re still as cute as ever. Look at those ears!

We wish you luck in your later years puppies. May you live a life full of bones, backyard digging, and bountiful naps. We’ll make sure to check back in for the 6 month photos.


Source: Bored Panda