Watch this Swedish Man Become a Hero by Jumping in a Frozen Lake

How far would you go to save an animal? Rescuing a kitten trapped in a tree? Absolutely. Nursing a baby bird back to health? Yes. Jumping into a frozen lake located in one of the coldest countries in the world? That’s a tougher question.

Ice fishing: one of Scandinavia’s longest traditions. Kenth Rhen was enjoying his time (and the cold) at the lake. Then, he noticed a bird stuck in the frozen ice.

hero saves animal saves bird

A bystander captures Rhen performing a heroic act to save an animal (Source: NY Daily News)

The fisherman realized immediately the animal was dragged by a fishing hook. Rhen acted quickly.  The Swedish man completely disregarded all risks challenging his health and safety, determined to rescue the animal at all costs.

Without any hint of hesitation, Rhen prepared enter the water. Ignoring the brutal and bitter cold, he stripped off his shoes, clothes, and jacket, leaving only his undergarments on. Shortly after, Rhen dove into the frozen, sub -zero temperature body of water. He managed to crack the ice.

hero saved bird saves animal

(Source: NY Daily News)

The journey to the bird was longer than expected. That fact didn’t sway Rhen’s decision to save the distressed animal. The fisherman swam an impressive 130 feet to the bird and back, successfully bringing the bird to shore.

Once the pair were on dry land, a nearby fisherman and Rhen made sure to administer life-saving medical attention. After an examination the bird’s mouth, wings, and feet, the Swedes successfully removed a tangled mess of fishing lines and hooks.

Before they knew it, the formerly distressed animal was nursed back to health. Needless to say, he left quite thankful for the fishermans’ help.

After everything was said and done, Rhen summarized the experience in a chuckling response.

“Next time it could be a person,” the fisherman stated. “…I figured it’s best to be prepared.”

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See Kenth Rhen in action and watch the entire incident on video:

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