Watch this Little Girl Walk like Her Mom – Exactly Like a Pregnant Woman

Sometimes kids can do the most hilarious things – whether provoked or unprovoked. Whether it’s saying something hilarious or just acting like little heathens, you can always expect to be entertained by children.

This story is no exception! This little girl is an extremely observant 15 month old whose mother has recently become pregnant again. This is not lost on the little girl – and she has noticed that something about how her mom has been acting (walking) has changed!

When the mom asks the little girl to “Walk like mommy,” the result is something that not only puts her family into hysterics, but cracked us up too! This little girl has got the pregnancy walk down pat! She even leans back and puffs her stomach out as her “mommy belly.” What makes it even better is when the little girl gets cracked up! She’s just so proud of herself that she’s able to make her entire family laugh so successfully. Even though it’s a short video, it shouldn’t escape your notice that her dad is in the background completely encouraging the little girl to walk like her mom! The family dog just can’t quite figure out what’s going on. Regardless, it’s a great video if you need a little pick me up!

Watch it below!

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Photo: DailyMail