Watch These Horses Heal an Army Pilot’s PTSD When Nothing Else Worked

A war veteran finally finds comfort with some four-legged friends.

After the Vietnam War, Bob Nevins developed a severe case of post traumatic stress syndrome. As a medic pilot, he was exposed to the most gruesome elements of the war.

The emotional and physical side effects of serving his country let him unable to deal with daily life. Crippled with grief and daily flashbacks of horrific  memories, the war veteran was desperate for relief and comfort.

Nevins always had a special bond with horses

Nevins always had a special bond with horses

Nevins always had a special bond with horses. He felt they offered a soothing presence in his life. After spending more and more time with the animals, Nevins realized he was able to conquer his daily fears and overcome the constant nightmares.

“I realized then that there was some kind of deep emotional connection that actually opened people up,” Nevins said.


That concept soon became the inspiration for his non-profit organization: Saratoga WarHorse.

Saratoga WarHorse was created with fellow veterans in mind and was designed to offer “animal therapy” to the brave former soldiers. The response and gratitude Nevins’ program received was overwhelming. Tom Ochman, one of the U.S. army veterans who took part in the program, was beyond impressed with the its effectiveness.

“When the horses came to me, that’s probably the calmest I’ve been in the past six years,” he said.


To date, the organization has helped over 75 people over PTSD. Nevins believes this is just the beginning, there’s no end in sight. In a meaningful statement, the veteran explained why the program works.

“We’re creating an experience for the veterans that creates a very deep, emotional bond with the thoroughbred,” he said. “…a bonding experience that is changing their lives…”

Watch the veteran’s story in the news clip below.

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Source: ABC News