War Veteran Is Reunited with Tiny Kitten He Was Forced to Leave Behind in Iraq

Mr. Meowgi, an adorable baby kitten, finally found his forever home with the soldier he met in Iraq.

Brad VanCleave’s heart broke after leaving the orange and white striped tabby cat he met during his deployment. The Navy reservist and the animal became fast friends after their chance meeting at the Baghdad International Airport.


“In July of 2015 I saw a baby kitten and he stuck his head out from one of the shipping containers. And we started feeding it and his mom,” said VanCleave. “Every morning, when we could pull up, he would run up from his little shelter and he would just meow his head off.”

After Mr. Meowgi’s mother abandoned him, VanCleave was the soldier that came to the kitten’s rescue. Years later, the two shared an emotional and heartfelt reunion at the LAX airport. The kitten traveled from Iraq to Germany and from Germany to New York before finally arriving in California.


“I knew if I left him there and didn’t bring him back” says VanCleave, “the chances of him being alive when I got back were pretty slim… I wouldn’t do anything less than bring him back. ”

The kitty definitely lived up to his name of Mr. Meowgi, ‘meowing up a storm’ after recognizing his long lost friend.

See the heartfelt reunion in the clip below!

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Source: Inside Edition