Want To Do The Limbo In Public? Think Twice After Seeing This Hilarious Prank

If two costumed men approach you on the roads of Oslo and challenge you to a limbo competition, don’t do it–unless you don’t mind looking stupid on TV.

Norwegian humor show Karl Johan staged the prank. Two men requested them to compete in a limbo, and approached their unsuspecting victims on the roads. The single catch was that the participants had to limbo. Most folks easily strapped on the blindfold, and appeared match. The limbo post went up, the participants readied their backs and…

… well, see for yourself.

The poor unsuspecting sufferers were left to wobble down the road bent backwards like some sort of, well, odd wobbly back-bent thing. Here were some of our favorites:

Although their egotism might have been a bit scuffed by the ending of all this, fortunately no one was hurt. Now you understand that if limbo comes up, refuse the blindfold.