Walmart Bike Thief Doesn’t Get Away-Oregon Cowboy On Horseback Lasos Man In Parking Lot

One cowboy put on a different uniform to perform a superhero rescue. Thanks to Robert Borba, a woman can say a thief nearly stole her bike.

With the reins in his hands and legs at his side, the rancher trotted on horseback towards the Eagle Point, Oregon Walmart. It was a mundane Monday, quiet and ordinary … until everything changed.

Robert heard a frantic woman scream that a man had just taken off with her locked bike. She desperately pled for anyone to help  saying, ‘Stop him! He stole my bike! He stole my bike!’

After a flash of a bicycle whizzed past Robert’s horse, the man and his animal took off.


The thief tried his best to outrun the cowboy but was definitely ill-equpped to do so. Robert came prepared with a laso, his rope already in hand.

“A couple swings and then I threw it at him, just like I would a steer,” Robert said.

Sure enough, the cowboy looped the man to the concrete curb, tightening the rope so he couldn’t escape. What happened next was even better.

“We got a guy who just stole a bike here at Walmart. I got him roped and tied to a tree,” Borba explained to the 911 call operator.

“What!?” she replied in panicked voice.

“I got him roped from a horse and he’s tied to a tree,” the cowboy added.


As a prize winning bull rider, rancher, and experienced horseman, Robert was a skilled western  professional. The thief never had a fighting chance. After being called the ‘Walmart Hero,’ the bike rescuer gave a humble rebuttal. He hadn’t performed anything out of the ordinary that day in the parking lot; he’d simply done the right thing.

“If it was my wife or my little girl, I would hope somebody would help her if I wasn’t around,” Robert said.


After the police arrived, Robert jokingly suggested the boys in blue abandon their fire weapons for ropes! Officer Adams agreed, saying he’d be happy to have Robert on his side any day. Once he’d signed his official police statement, Robert and the valiant steed headed home for the day.

The only thing he asked for before riding off into the rolling hills? That he get his rope back. Lucky for him, the cops had traded it in for handcuffs. He was free to go.

Check out the absolutely hilarious 911 call in this clip!

Source: CBS News