Veteran Stands for Hours with a Sign to Meet The Rock. Then He Shows Up

Everyone has that one celebrity that it is their dream to meet, right? Well, for this veteran, his dream came true – in a completely unexpected and almost miraculous way.

There was a veteran standing on the side of the road, holding a sign that stated he wanted to meet the Rock, his idol. He knew that Dwayne Johnson was on the island of Hawaii filming a remake of the movie Jumanji, and hoped that if he happened to be in the right place at the right time, he might just catch Johnson’s eye and get to meet him.

That’s exactly what happened. After the veteran had been standing outside for 7 hours with his sign, Johnson drove by in his car, catching a glimpse of the man (and his sign). He stopped his car, got out, and said hello to the man! The veteran told the Rock he had taken off work to stand at the side of the road with his sign, because meeting him, if only for a few minutes, would be completely worth it.

The Rock was a really good sport about it, and even posted aobut the incident on his Instagram later that day, stating that he was glad he had the opportunity to meet him, and that he hoped the veteran would come to his event for the veterans, #RocktheTroops, a few weeks later. Apparently the veteran had showed him pictures of when Johnson got his first “tatau” many years ago. Tatau is the Samoan word for tattoo, which is a cultural experience that some men and women both go through, getting the tattoos of the Samoan culture. It is said to mean “appropriate, balanced, and fitting.” Johnson has made many comments and spoken about the importance of his Samoan culture in his life.

Way to go, Dwayne Johnson!

Watch the video here!

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