When Severe Floods Devastated Louisiana, This Veteran Hero Fed Thousands in One Night

People go out of their way to do what they can to offer relief and support for victims of severe flooding.

Flooding waters rushed through the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana destroying everything in their path. Over 4,000 homes were demolished and the lives of 6 lost. Miraculously, over 20,000 victims were rescued within a matter of hours and were placed throughout shelters within the state.

The Arial view of the devastated state of Louisiana after severe floods

The Arial view of the devastated state of Louisiana after severe floods

Christian Dornhorst, a man from Mississippi, heard about the devastating disaster. Knowing the individuals had no homes to return to, the man decided to offer the survivors a little comfort food. Literally. Around 7 in the morning, Christian arrived at the local bulk grocery store, Sam’s Club. What was on his list? 108 pounds of brisket totaling a whopping $850.

The good samaritan had decided how he would feed 8,000 people. However, he forgot one small detail. Where would he do it? Christian had a specific schedule to stick to. There was no room for mistakes.

By 11, the meat had been perfectly seasoned and was ready to be cooked. In the essence of time, the Mississippi resident thought it best to grill the brisket right there in the back of his truck. Keeping with the time crunch, Christian drove around looking for a shelter where he could set up camp. With none in sight, he eventually parked in a nearby lot to transfer the brisket into the smoker.

Christian finally posts his "office" in a vacant lot

Christian finally posts his “office” in a vacant lot

There, he met a local and curious business owner that directed him to Dornhorst Media Centre. A shelter had been set up in the vacant parking spaces. It was the perfect place for Christian to prepare his thoughtful meal.

The grill was operating at maximum capacity for over seven hours. Brisket, chicken, and sausage were all prepared along with three pot roasts. Not even a crumb was leftover. Over 2,400 people enjoyed a full belly that evening.


When questioned as to why he had been so generous, Christian, a former U.S. veteran, relayed a universal idea.

“The Lord blessed us with all of these things,” he said, while pointing out his truck and smoker. “There are enough people suffering here that I can do this to help.”

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Source: Washington Post