Veteran Is Brought to Tears Discovering He Works with Doctor Who Saved Him 26 Years Earlier

Attending a Veteran’s Day speaking engagement, Tim Duer nearly had the wind knocked out of him after hearing the story of a ‘miracle kid.’ Turns out, it was his story to tell.

On stage was Dr. Richard Brilli. The man began his speech with a heartfelt story dating back to his time at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital. During the late 1980’s, the doctor treated 19-year-old Tim Duer, serving in the U.S. Army. The man’s health took a turn for the worse after developing a fatal lung infection.


The deadly disease quickly spread throughout his body, resulting in multi-organ system failure. Dr. Brilli remembers advising the 19-year-old had a 0% chance at survival. Even so, the man had hope.

“As a physician in the ICU we always know the statistics,” Dr. Brilli stated. “That’s not how you take care of patients. You don’t take care of patients based on statistics, you take care of the person in front of you.”


Duer’s family stayed by his bedside 24/7, offering their prayers and support. Meanwhile, hospital staff did everything they could to save his life. To Dr. Brilli, that meant an outrageously high does of medications designed to hike his blood pressure above normal levels.

Sure enough, Dr. Brilli’s risky approach paid off. Before he knew it, Duer was healthy enough to be discharged from the hospital. Little did he know he would see the doctor again.

After a couple decades, Duer took a job at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the same hospital that hosted the monumental event. As it turned out, Dr. Brilli spoke as the Chief Medical Officer of the institution. In a tear-filled reunion, the veteran reunited with the man that saved his life.


“How do you thank the guy who saved your life 26 years later,” Duer said.”…what can you say? I think a new word needs to be invented other than thank you, because it’s a thousand times stronger than thank you.”

After getting a little ‘choked up,’ Dr. Brilli recalled the magical moment.

“The most remarkable part for me is it just tells me how lucky I’ve been and what a God-given gift it was that I got to go to medical school, and do what I do… It’s amazing to me.”

See the tear-filled reunion up close and personal!

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Source: Good News Network