Sibling Rivalry? No, more like sibling heroes!

The worst thing any parent could ever go through is losing a child. And it’s a sad world that we live in where parents have to be especially aware in public places, to keep a child safe from kidnapping or predators.

Three beautiful children went to the park, playing near their babysitter’s house in Washington State. The 10 year old, 8 year old, and 22 month old were having a great time when suddenly a kidnapper grabbed Owen, who is 22 months old, and took off. His siblings, Delicia (8) and Brenden (10) then did something also unthinkable – they chased him.

Flying down the sidewalk after this man who grabbed their brother, Delicia was screaming. Brenden had the empty stroller and was also hot on the pursuit. As the two young siblings followed the would-be kidnapper, they were joined by two teenagers who decided to help the two children.

Eventually, the suspect got so scared that he ended up leaving the 22 month old in a vacant parking lot, and then ran off. The child was then picked up by the siblings and the authorities were called. The suspect was seen in a camera of the nearby grocery store, as were the two young children in pursuit.

The child’s father, Michael Wright, was notified and stated, “I can’t explain the feeling, the anxiety and everything that goes into finding out that your child is missing or that something has happened to them.”

What could easily have been a tragedy turned into a wonderful story of the heroism and bravery of two young children. The love they have for their baby brother is evident in their willingness to put themselves in harm’s way to insure that they got their baby brother back.

What an incredible love they have for their brother!

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Courtesy: ABC News/USA Today