U.S. Marine Honors Dying Boy Standing Guard Outside Hospital Room for 8 Hours

Cody Green fought bravely in his war against cancer. One marine chose to honor his strength and extreme courage in a heartfelt salute during his last moments.


At only 22 months old, the toddler was diagnosed with a fatal strain of leukemia. With a determined spirit, Cody successfully beat the odds and went into remission…three consecutive times.

Unfortunately, the cancer returned a fourth time once the 12-year-old reached middle school. The infection rapidly spread throughout the boy’s system and his body struggled to defeat the disease.

Cody drew the strength to fight from his idols ‘since forever,’ the U.S. Marines. His story eventually reached members of the corps who thought he might enjoy a special surprise or two.














“They decided Cody, with the strength and honor and courage he showed through the whole thing, he should be a Marine,” Cody’s father, David Snowberger, said.

The Indiana 5th grader received the title of “Honor Member of the United States Marine Corps” and was given Marine navigator wings. But that wasn’t all…one corps member took it a step further.


Sergeant Mark Dolfini stood guard for eight hours inside the Riley Hospital for Children. The U.S. Marine, dressed in full uniform, held salute while standing outside Cody’s hospital room.

At the boy’s funeral, Dolfini described one of the “most difficult things he’s ever had to do.”

“We looked straight into each other’s eyes and I saluted her [Cody’s mother],” the Marine said. “…that moment in time that we were locked in each other’s gaze, keeping your bearing at that point is a tough thing to do.”