Two Young Girls Swore They Heard A Faint Cry In The Night, After Looking Into The Irrigation Grate, They Were Right

Walking home hand-in-hand, two young girls stopped in their tracks at the sound of a faint, dog-like, cry. As the surrounding streets and front yards were empty and they were completely alone, the pair didn’t know what to make of it and continued on their journey home.

The day after, the two friends heard the same heartbreaking sound. They could no longer sit by and do nothing and began a search of the entire neighborhood. Clearly, a creature was in distress and it was up to them to help.

Turning the corner, there it was. The red irrigation gate at the end of the curb was basically an ‘x’ marking the spot.


The very nervous and cautious young girls made their way over, mustering the courage to take a peek inside. Staring right up at them through the damp and dark wetness was nothing but a shiny black nose.

“We sat out there until the animal-control cop came and then a bunch of animal-control trucks, and then a firetruck came,” one of the girls explained.

As it turned out, the poor soul trapped inside and begging for help was a full grown dog named Zeta. How she found her way underground was the question of the hour. How the pup managed to survive the depths of winter without food or water for nearly a week was even more impressive!

After firemen retrieved the scared and grateful canine, Zetea returned to her caring, loving home. The dog and her humans celebrated a Christmas miracle.

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