Two Strangers Promise a Shoveled Path in Local Park -To Make Sure 89-Year-Old “Can Get to His Bench and Talk to His Wife”

This loving husband took a daily trip, rain or shine. When the snow fell, two good samaritans guaranteed he’d always have a clear path to the love his life.

Bud Caldwell, a gentle 89-year-old soul, had a very special daily routine. After waking in the morning, the senior citizen would get dressed, and head out to visit his wife…her memory at least. Betty and Bud were married for 56 years before her devastating death. The elderly man was left absolutely heartbroken without her.


Every morning for the past two years, Bud walked to Fond Du Lac Park to talk to his wife. That moment was the best part of his day.

The loving husband always remembered to carry colorful daises and a few pennies to place on the park bench he erected in her honor. The seemingly odd ‘gifts’ were actually a fond memory the couple once shared. “Daisy a Day” and “Pennies From Heaven” were some of their favorite tunes.

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