Twin Went Under the Knife, Just To Give Identical Sister What Childhood Cancer Took Away

As identical twins, sisters Jessie and Jana Coleman were nearly exact carbon copies of one another. Years later, that fact would bring them together after tragedy.

In second grade, the twins’ parents noticed an oddly shaped lump on Janna’s neck that hadn’t been there before. Unfortunately, lab work and medical imaging revealed the mass was a malignant tumor behind her jaw, also known as rhabdomyosarcoma.


After regular treatments at the St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the little girl’s health miraculously returned and she went into remission. The only downside? The cancer had infected most of Janna’s jaw bone before doctors were able to detect it, forcing quite a bit of its removal.

However, that wasn’t the most devastating fact to the little girl. Apparently, ‘going from being super identical (our dad couldn’t even tell us apart),’ to looking drastically different from her sister was ‘such a life-changing event.’


Years later, the sisters were given incredible news. Doctors presented the girls with a risky, neverbefore seen procedure. Using fat cells taken from Jessie, surgeons would be able to fill in the holes scarring Janna’s jaw.

Even though the surgery was labeled quite dangerous and came with high risks, Jessie knew what her decision would be almost instantly.

“Yeah of course, who wouldn’t do it — it’s your sister, your twin,” Jessie said.

Thanks to her loving sister, Janna will finally get back the one thing cancer stole from her: her identity as an identical twin.

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