Twin Girls Both Need Life-Saving Transplant from Daddy – See the Way He Saves Both Their Lives

A family is devastated after both twins born with rare disorder. A complete stranger steps in to save a life.

When Michael and Johann Wagner saw Bihn and Phuoc in a Vietnamese orphanage, they knew they wanted to claim the twin girls as their daughters.

The two sisters were severely malnourished, weighing only 9 pounds at 18 months old. Joann restates her thoughts after first meeting the twins.

“When we saw them at the orphanage we were shocked, really.”

The parents began the process of adoption and eventually brought the girls back to Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Mr. and Mrs. Wagner add two more to their growing family

Mr. and Mrs. Wagner add two more to their growing family

Bihn and Phuoc coincidentally had developed the same rare disorder known as Alagille syndrome. Alagille Syndrome would destroy the girls’ organs, one by one. The 4-year olds would immediately need liver transplants to save their lives.

Miraculously, Michael was a donor match for his young daughters. However, that wouldn’t be enough. The father could only donate so much of his own tissue. Refusing to choose between which toddler should receive his liver, he consulted the twins’ doctor.

twin girls

At Toronto General Hospital one morning, Michael went under the knife. Phuoc was voted the recipient as the more “urgent case.” The surgery was expected to take anywhere from 18-22 hours, depending on complications.  The young girl had a long recovery ahead of her.

The loving parents continued to search for a liver for Bihn. They created a Facebook page seeking volunteers willing to save the small girl.  More than 600 people applied for the position. Finally, one man was chosen.

Kris Chung was a 19-year old student. Surprisingly, he happened to live only five minutes away from the family. The parents requested a meeting with the young man at a coffee shop to thank him for his self-less donation.

“I just gave him a big hug when I first saw him,” Johann said. “I don’t even think I said: ‘Thank you.’ It was more: ‘Wow, it’s you.”

In surgery for nearly 20 hours, the three-year-old stayed strong

In surgery for nearly 20 hours, the three-year-old stayed strong

The surgery was a success. Bihn would be on her way to living a happy and healthy life in no time. Kris, now a member of the family, stops by to his ‘sisters’ and routinely has dinner with the Wagners.

Looking back, Joann and Michael agree they made the right choice.

“We would travel this path all over again. They have taught us openness… It’s been nothing but a wonderful mess,” Joann adds.

Watch the girls recover in the video clip below.

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Source:Daily Mail/CBC