Twin Boys Sell 8-Foot Teddybear On Side of the Road-Until This Movie Star Couldn’t Resist the Sale

A pair of boys got the surprise of a lifetime after a movie star stopped at their “for sale” sign.

Allen and Brandon Alexander were just a couple of twin boys trying to make some money. They decided to sell their 8-foot teddy bear, “AG,” outside their California home. The price tag? Only $50, a bargain for the huge stuffed animal.


After holding an hour, the twins were getting exhausted.  No one had pulled over to check out their merchandise, leaving them feeling defeated. The boys had no idea the sale of a lifetime was already on its way.

Allen and Brandon had a rush of excitement when a white car pulled over to the side of the road. They felt even better after seeing the driver hop out of the vehicle. There she was, the 41-year-old mother of six, Angelina Jolie. She stopped after her 10-year-old son, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, saw the bear on the street.


Funnily enough, the twins had no idea she was a world famous celebrity. Their father, Tim, had to explain that “she was from the movie Kung Fu Panda,” one of the boys’ favorites. Angelina stepped out of her luxury Cadillac and introduced herself to the kids’ parents.

“This is Shiloh and I”m Angie. Nice to meet you.”

The woman was quite taken with their sales pitch.

“You’re very good at doing your job, sweetie,” she said in the video.


Allen and Brandon successfully locked in the sale. Their asking price of only $50 became $100 after Jolie-Pitt gave the boys $50… each. It took a lot of shoving, squeezing, and bending, but AG, the giant 8-foot teddy bear, finally made it into the trunk of her car.

Watch the celebrity surprise in Tim’s video below.

Source: People