Newborn Twin Girls Develop Same Form of Deadly Cancer-Doctors are Stunned By What Happens Next

Newborn twin girls, Madeline and Isabelle, nuzzle up to each other

Brand new parents, Alissa and Michael Dunn, welcomed twin girls to the world. Born on July 4, 2007,  Madeline and Isabelle became known as “firecracker babies.” At 5 lbs, 12 oz. and 5 lbs. 8 oz.,  respectively, each baby was born happy and healthy. The couple couldn’t have wanted anything more. Unfortunately, those feelings were short-lived.

At a routine appointment with the twins’ pediatrician, the doctor noticed something odd. One of the newborns, Madeline, had a swollen stomach. To investigate possible causes, the physician sent for an ultrasound of her abdomen. The results were devastating.

Madeline had developed a rare form of cancer known as neuroblastoma. As if this wasn’t bad enough, Isabelle was also diagnosed with the exact same strain of the disease.

Doctors tried to explain the grim diagnosis. The likelihood of one baby surviving was slim; the chance that both would come out alive was almost impossible.

The pediatrician recommended they act fact as the cancer had already spread to the liver, skin, and bone marrow.

“Their MRI showed that their livers were massively enlarged, extremely abnormal, and that their livers were completely filled with tumor cells. Not just one little part, where you can cut…it just was throughout their whole livers,” Dr. Taub from Michigan Children’s Hospital explained.

New parents Alissa and Michael cradle their brand new bundles of joy

Sadly, surgery was no longer an option for the girls. Alissa and Michael made an impossible decision, giving consent for the twins to undergo chemotherapy. It was their only option for recovery.

The hopeful parents brought their twins to the hospital to start the aggressive and grueling treatment. Sympathetic nurses couldn’t help but notice the sisters and thought it might be a good idea for the twins to feel each other’s presence.

After they were placed together, something magical happened. The newborns’ condition slowly and steadily improved. Surprisingly, the chemotherapy was more effective when the sisters were laid next to one another.

Alissa and Michael were ecstatic the day they were finally allowed to take their babies home. The medical community was in utter shock.

“I think in a situation like this…the fact that they both recovered and are cancer free is a true miracle and it’s just really gratifying to see things like this happen,” Dr. Taub states.

Today, both girls are cancer free and have enjoyed eight years of a playful life. See the twins’ miraculous recovery in the heartfelt video below.

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Source: Christian Broadcasting Network