Toddler-Zilla Won’t Let Dad Play with Her Maracas

Sometimes, kids can be a little dramatic. When they learn the idea of “mine,” it can create a whole new host of problems for parents and family alike! These little ones can learn slowly to share, but sometimes it takes a little extra time and patience. For this one little girl, she takes “tod-zilla” to a new height!

When you see the cute little girl rush into the room as her dad shakes the maracas, you just know she is going to get him in trouble! She clearly does not want anyone touching her maracas except for her – even her dad isn’t allowed!

Her dad seems to be having a huge ball of fun playing with his daughter as she tries to protect what she believes is her toy. As he shakes them, she rushes into the room, with a look that could kill! She even takes her maracas out of her dads hand, then places them on the opposite side of the couch. Her dad does not care! He picks them back up after she leaves the room, just to make her rush back into the room to scold him again! The interaction between them is too funny.

While her dad clearly loves her, he also clearly loves how protective she is of her maracas and how mad she gets. After a total of six interactions in which her dad proves to her that he cannot control himself from taking the maracas and shaking them, she finally decides to take them with her when she leaves the room.

Such a hysterical encounter. Watch the video below!