Toddler Faces Death Aboard Airplane-Heroic Dr. Comes to Rescue With Makeshift Inhaler

A baby’s life was saved after one doctor gets some creative inspiration.

During an eight hour flight to Spain, Dr. Khurshid Guru heard a desperate call for a physician onboard. Dr. Guru didn’t have much experience working with children as the director of a cancer institute, but figured he’d answer the plea anyway.


The plane was panicked after a 2-year-old girl displayed signs of a severe asthma attack 35,000 feet in the air. The life-saving medication she needed was unfortunately in the family’s checked bags. The situation was dire.

A pediatric nebulizer could deliver the medication the 2-year-old needed to live. However, the on board first-aid kit only contained an adult version of the tool. The dosage would be far too strong for the toddler to handle. Knowing she would soon suffocate, Dr. Guru acted quickly.


Using a plastic water bottle, a cup, and an emergency oxygen mask, the skilled Dr. constructed the medical tool he needed. Miraculously enough, the makeshift device worked. He was able to administer the correct dose to the 2-year-old passenger. She successfully started breathing. Dr. Guru managed to save her life having all the odds against him.

“Thank God the girl did well,” he said.

Watch Dr. Guru swoop in to save the two-year old from death.

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Source: ABC News