Toddler and Garbage Man are the Best Friends You Could Ever Find

Sometimes, kids pick seemingly random people to start loving, making friends in what seems like random places. This can sometimes get them in trouble, when other times it is really heartwarming and encouraging. For this one toddler, he decided that his new friend was going to be the garbage man, and there’s no going back. He even has his own little mini trashcan to meet the garbage man with every week!


In Texas, toddler Lance Rufus has made a friend in the garbage man whom he sees every Monday. The garbage man’s name is James Jackson. They met a year and a half ago while Jackson was doing his weekly rounds, and since then Lance has made it a priority to meet him at the curb every week. He now even has his own little vest and miniature recycling bin to take with him when he meets Jackson outside.

Rufus’s mother says that as soon as he hears the garbage truck, he yells until he is taken out of his high chair and taken out back to meet his friend. The bond that these two share is very special, and means a lot to Jackson. Jackson even gave his friend a present – a toy “City of Plano” bank! Since receiving his heartfelt gift, Lance has refused to put it down. Jackson says it is a highlight of his week because he gets to see a child be excited about his job – and that’s good enough to make anyone smile.


Lance even dressed up as his friend for Halloween – and since then has worn the outfit every Monday when greeting Jackson in his neighborhood. Even if there is no logical explanation for the friendship that Jackson and Rufus have, no one can deny that it is a fun and sweet relationship.

Watch the video below.

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