This Woman Pranked Her Husband with a Coyote and the Results are Hysterical

Pranking your spouse has to be one of the many great things about being married. We’ve seen all kinds of pranks on Youtube throughout the years, but this one wife may have taken the cake with her latest prank. She knew her husband would have an absolute meltdown, but thanks to her friends and some Photoshop, she got to enjoy one of the greatest pranks in the history of all time.


Kayla lives in Seaside, Oregon, with her two kids and her husband Justin. She apparently has a history of taking in animals that are sick or injured, because of her soft and caring heart. She sent Justin a text one night, telling him about a puppy that she had brought into the house after finding him outside. The puppy appeared to be cold and lonely, said Kayla, and she couldn’t stand to leave him out there. So inside he came.

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You Won’t Believe Her Husband’s Reaction…

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