This Well Known Celebrity Pauses His Career For Baby Son with Cancer

Michael Buble is a well known singer throughout the entire world. He has had multiple smash hits and even has a very successful Christmas album. Recently his family was hit with devastating news: his son Noah, who is only three years old, has been diagnosed with cancer.

His wife, Luisana Lopilato, and Buble both have successful careers and have another child together, Elias. They both issued a statement regarding their son being diagnosed with cancer, stating that he is currently being treated in the United States, that both of his parents have put their professional duties on hold throughout this ordeal, and they hope that they receive respect and encouragement during this difficult time for their family.

Not too long ago they were just celebrating sweet Noah’s third birthday party with a spiderman theme, followed not long after by a party for dad’s  41st birthday, which had a star wars theme. Who knew that they would receive such devastating news such shortly after an awesome celebration of life.


It is unclear right now as to what cancer sweet Noah has, but regardless of the diagnosis, it is truly a devastating blow to this family. Cancer is such a scary word, and when it is in the life of a child, it is only that much more scary. Noah has so much life ahead of him, and he has parents that will be there supporting and loving him every step throughout this process. There has been some speculation, but a statement by the three year old’s aunt told everyone that it is no leukemia, and that the family would appreciate it if the public would stop speculating as to what kind of cancer he has.

We wish you well Noah! We will be praying and thinking about you, sending you good vibes and hoping for the best.

Photos: Instagram