This Vegetarian Just Ate Meat for the First Time in 22 Years – Watch Her Ecstasy

For some people, the idea of not eating meat for a single day is almost unbearable. Try not eating meat for 22 years. The idea of being a vegetarian is not one that is easy to understand in a society that is dominated by the meat industry. It is definitely true that it is easier to be a carnivore in America than it is to be a vegetarian, simply because there are more options for those who eat meat than those who aren’t. There are even people under the impression that the only protein source is meat (which isn’t true, but again just goes to show the mind set of Americans).

Stephanie Potakis is the casting director for The Onion, and has been a vegetarian for 22 years, since she was in the fourth grade. It is a decision that has long confused her Greek, meat-loving family. Stephanie originally decided that she wanted to be vegetarian out of concern for her environment and the always popular idea of “saving the world.”

After struggling for some time with the options that are available for those who are not meat eaters, she finally decided to eat meat again this past summer when at a ribs festival and smelling all of the deliciousness. As she put it, “It was my tipping point.” She then decided she wanted to reintroduce just lean meats into her life.


After this decision was made, Supper Club decided that they would step in and take her to one of the finest steakhouses in Chicago to give her a sampler of different luxury meats, just to emphasize what she has been missing over the past two decades.


Stephanie will likely be eating meat for the rest of her life after this experience. Her pure joy and enjoyment of the meat (and even some bone marrow) just goes to show that maybe there is something to be considered about this “meat frenzy” in America.

Watch the video of her enjoyment below. Warning: what you are about to watch shows nothing short of pure joy and ecstasy.

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Photos: Youtube/ the A.V. Club