This Stranger Offers to Help Struggling Mom Get Her Son to School

Sometimes, everyone has to struggle to get where they need to be. For this one mom, she did what she had to do to take care of her son. Even if it meant walking for 3 hours just to get him to and from school.


Kim Bellus is a full time student and mom. She can’t afford a car, which means that, thanks to Nebraska state law that dictates any student that lives less than 4 miles from school cannot ride the bus. Kim’s son, Gabe, lives just under 2 miles from the school. It takes right around 45 minutes to walk to just one way.

So Kim makes this trip four times in order to be there when Gabe gets out of school to walk him home. This means that it takes right at 3 hours out of her day just getting her son to school.

Her story was recently covered on a local news story, and then not too long following she was on her walk when they were stopped by a stranger who was driving, who asked if she was the lady from the news. When Kim told her that she was, Becky Novotny, who had pulled over, asked if they wanted a ride. Kim offered to help the family get to school without walking.


Becky is a single mom of 3 children, with one child who also goes to the school Gabe attends. She said that if she was in the same situation, she would want someone to help her. So now, Kim and Becky have worked out an agreement that gets Gabe to and from school without having to walk.

The town that they live in is small, so Becky said it is the type of community that helps each other. Kim is very thankful. She had tried to set something up with the school and the administration, to no avail, which makes her even more thankful for the generosity of Becky.

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